Supporting Wildcat! SysOPs for 20+ years!

WINSnet is an FTN echomail network set up by Thomas Kloos, Frank Rauhuff, and Robert Wolfe to support Sysops who run Mustang's Wildcat! for DOS, or Santronics Software's Wildcat! Interactive Net Server BBS software.

Today, in an effort to generate a stable and rich network, we have added more echomail areas, and are allowing systems of any type. You will notice some WINServer specific conferences, this doesn't mean other systems cannot post in these conferences, please understand, WINServer is at our core, but we need to branch out, and we welcome all other systems into our network.

At the request of the WINSnet Zone Co-ordinator Thomas Kloos, this network is now hosted by Terry Roati of the File Bank BBS in Cairns, Australia.

How to join...

To Join, select Join from the menu. You will be taken to a simple online form. Complete that form and setup the necessary message and file echos. You will then be sent an email with any necessary details, and we will begin sending you messages.

The preferred transport methods for WINSNet mail is via telnet/VMODEM thru Netserial. Netserial is by PCMicro and they offer a Sysop price of $25. They offer a 30 day trial. Visit This works great with PXOnline.

or you can use BinkP by using Internet Rex. We suggest you use version 2.29.

Our current message network contains the following areas:

Conf# Echo Name (Tag) Echo Description
601WINS_ANSIAnsi and @-code menus and screens
605WINS_DOORSSupport for running doors in Wildcat! (EXE/WCX)
606WINS_FILEFINDAllFix FileFind Echo
611WINS_HTML_CSSWinserver HTML, CSS, WCT, Design
617WINS_PROMOTEPromote your BBS system here
618WINS_PXSupport For Platinum Xpress Front End Mailer
622WINS_STATSEcho Statistics
623WINS_TESTMessage Test Echo
624WINS_WCBASICwcBasic Programming Help, Tutorials, etc
625WINS_WCBUGSBug Reporting Echo to get Sysop to Sysop help
626WINS_WCGENERALGeneral Message echo for any topic
627WINS_WILDCAT4Wildcat 4 for DOS
628WINS_WILDCAT5Winserver 5 - 8+

We also have a small file network as well. It contains the following areas:

Area # File Area File Area Description
691WINS_BCRBCR Software
698WINS_EMSEMS! Software
692WINS_INFOWINSnet Info and Nodelists
693WINS_POSEIDONPoseidon SoftWorx
694WINS_ROMIWAREZRomiwares / Jagger
695WINS_TAKTAK Software / wsSoftware
696WINS_WCBASICwcBasic Developers Code Repository
697WINS_WILDCATWILDCAT! v3+ Related Files